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TEO Modular System

TEO Modular System


TEO is a revolutionary modular system with a patented solution that lets you customize your home to your exact needs. You can easily expand or reduce your home step by step, room by room in different combinations, and even change the position of walls, windows, and doors. This offers a beautiful, affordable, comfortable, convenient, warm, and cozy home.


    You can live your dream.
    You design your own home.
    Just the way you like it.


    • Standardized energy efficient modular system
    • Easy to combine 6x3 m modules
    • You can start with just one room and expand it whenever you want
    • Quick and easy installation on site
    • Needs only a simple (pile or screw) foundation
    • No compromises in building characteristics or quality


    More information about the TEO system:

  • TEO-system creates variable solutions:

    • Tiny houses
    • Residential homes
    • Villas
    • Airbnb rental houses
    • Hotels, motels
    • Cafes, restaurants
    • Kindergartens, schools

Customize your own House 

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