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Corner House

Corner House


Are you looking for a creative and private way to utilize your small garden? Look no further than the CORNER house – a modular home designed in a triangle shape to perfectly fit into corners, making it the perfect way to create a home office, sauna, gym, or guest house without taking up too much space. You can even combine multiple CORNER houses together to create a larger home if needed.

With its clever design, large windows, and terrace, this modular home is perfect for those looking to capitalize on the short-term rental business, such as on Airbnb.


    • Net/gross area 19,5/21,8 m2
    • Clever design
    • Big windows with a great view
    • 18 m2 terrace to relax
    • No building permit needed (in many countries)
    • Needs only a simple post/brick foundation
    • Easy to transport: two houses on one truck
  • You can use the CORNER house for multiple purposes

    • Home office
    • Guest house
    • Gym
    • Sauna
    • Man cave
    • Airbnb rental house

Customize your own House 

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