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What our Clients Have to Say

Excellent work from your team! It was one of the projects where stress level was low and everyone felt that they are doing a great thing. That’s why the outcome was nice and beautiful.


Erkki RaasukeSoela Rannamajad OÜ

CompactLiving was very positive cooperative for our project. They solved the challenges, where other prefab manufacturers failed and we are very pleased and happy with the
job they did.

Truls Vogt-Bunes
Asker Entreprenør AS

We are very pleased to work with CompactLiving for the projects we have completed together. Through the projects we’ve done together, we have seen CompactLiving as trust-worthy and with good skills among all the workers.

Yngve Mathiasen
Peyma Enterprenør AS

Done! Even this house was perfect, as all the previous ones. We have been working with CompactLiving for years and it is a pleasure to see that you keep delivery the same outstanding quality.

Andreas Robertsen
Eiendom & Norske Hus AS

I am very, very satisfied. The house looks very nice with a great quality. I am very pleased with the assembly team too. Professionals guys. During the crane operation, they used hard hat all of the time.

Tor-Harald Njåstad
Private Client


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